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Children’s Chapel

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Children’s Chapel occurs during the 9 a.m. Sunday Worship Service (or the 10 a.m. service during the summer months).

Children’s Chapel is more than an excuse to leave the “big” (and sometimes “boring”) church. It is more than a rest for parents who need a break from squirmy children. It is an opportunity to experience God in another, sacred way. It is the chance for children to be children and to come to Christ, as they are, worshiping in a space that has been set apart for them. Designed for children ages 4-9, Children’s Chapel is a place where young people can understand the liturgy in an age-appropriate way, helping them to grow as faithful Christians.

The structure of the service parallels the happenings in the sanctuary; the children process to chapel during the Gospel hymn, where they hear the Gospel and a short reflection on one of the day’s lessons. Prayers of petition and thanksgiving are offered, many of the prayers coming from the children, themselves. The children then return to “big” church for The Peace. We invite you to come worship with us and experience the sacred space of Children’s Chapel.