Weather closings

In bad weather, Trinity Bloomington takes the lead from Monroe County Public Library. If the library closes, so does Trinity. Check the library website for weather closings.

Scrip Program

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Shop as Usual – Earn $$$ for Trinity

Trinity participates in several programs that offer financial rewards to the parish.

These include:

  • Amazon Smile
  • Various grocery store programs or gift cards (purchased at a discount by Trinity and sold to members at face value)
  • The Shop with Scrip program, which offers plastic gift cards and “instant gift cards” that may be purchased at home and printed (paper gift cards), or pulled up on a smart phone.


Click on our Scrip Program Chart which includes information on all these programs – please review it and decide how you might participate in any of the options.


There is no financial cost to participants for any of these programs – at most, they require a few minutes of your time.