Weather closings

In bad weather, Trinity Bloomington takes the lead from Monroe County Public Library. If the library closes, so does Trinity. Check the library website for weather closings.


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Trinity is richly blessed. People of diverse talents give generously of time and creativity. People of varying financial means give generously through out the course of a year.

For many it begins with a pledge, or promise, to give a specific amount of money over the course of a year. You can download a giving pledge card and return it to the office.

Parishioners may wish to donate money online  or through planned giving.

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“Why I support Trinity”

from Richard Hvale

I love to support Trinity Episcopal Church because we are a loving and caring community who strive to fulfill the mission:  “Open to all. Open [...]

From Linda Figen

Basically, I love my church. It has provided me with a family for the last 25 years, and I feel gratitude for the kind of [...]

From Nancy Hutchens

What a blessing to have such an absolutely terrific community!  My fifth year anniversary in Bloomington and at Trinity is coming up soon and I [...]